My name is James Reilly.

I am a Computer Science Major/Korean Minor at The University of North Georgia. I've graduated from Gwinnett Technical College with an Associate's Degree in Game Development back in 2019. I am passionate about creating user-based projects and integrating new technologies into robust systems.

 Below you'll find some projects I've created to learn a little more about me.

Bob Was A Rectangle


Bob Was A Rectangle is a project developed at HackGT 2020 by a small group of 4 people in a span of 36 hours. It is a co-op puzzle game that highlights the usage of IBM's Watson to try and create a unique gameplay experience.

Project: Stamina


Project : Stamina is a 3rd person action MOBA inspired by Gigantic. On this project I am working as a Gameplay Programmer working in UE4. Currently using C++ and Blueprint to create new innovative heroes for this upcoming game. I am also learning Maya to help create animations for the characters that I will be programming.

Life's Hard

Life's Hard.PNG

Life's Hard is a turn based RPG based on a high-school student's rough day.

Created in Python using the Pygame module.

Click on the image to get a download link!